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Even the best storytellers need help seeing the trouble spots in their own writing. Whether you’ve written a manuscript, a blog, a podcast, or website content, I can help you clarify your message and take your writing to the next level, while leaving your unique voice intact.

I am passionate about removing the obstacles to clear and easy communication between you and your audience, and bringing out the best in your writing. I help authors and speakers tell their stories in a meaningful, engaging way.


If you’re looking for an editor who will respect you and your voice, who will collaborate with you in a judgment-free atmosphere to make your writing all that it can be, you’ve come to the right place.


I’m an editor and writer with over 18 years of experience, and a lover of meaningful, clear, and natural communication in all forms of writing. It is my joy to help you enhance and clarify your message while preserving your unique voice.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in English from Gonzaga University, and I enjoy reading everything from spiritual and creative nonfiction to literary fiction and historical romance, and writing poetry and narrative nonfiction.


As the Right-Hand Woman for Sarah Susanka, architect and author of the best-selling Not So Big House series and The Not So Big Life, I have extensive experience editing nonfiction books, web content, blog posts, articles, newsletters, and marketing materials.

I am also a longtime student of a teacher in the art of living more consciously, and I am deeply interested in personal transformation.

I look forward to helping you take your writing to new heights.

Marie St.Hilaire, Editor
Marie St.Hilaire, Editor



A developmental edit is a big-picture, comprehensive, in-depth assessment of the fundamentals of your manuscript, such as the structure, pacing, consistency, tone, plot, and characterization. As your developmental editor, I will read your entire manuscript and provide you with a thorough, detailed evaluation with actionable suggestions.



Line and style editing is editing at the paragraph level, and involves revising sentences for clarity and flow, and smoothing and correcting your writing to increase readability. It can involve moving sentences around so that your meaning is clear and your readers stay engaged. As your line and style editor, I will help elevate your writing without changing your distinctive voice.



Do you have something that doesn't seem to fit into either of these categories? Contact me with the details and I'll be happy to help with whatever you need. I can do as much or as little as you need, on a budget that works for you.




Please contact me by filling out the form below or by emailing me directly. Include the service(s) you’re interested in, your word count, the type of project, and the time frame, and I will get back to you within one business day.

Thanks for getting in touch! I'll get back to you within the next business day. If you need a more immediate response, please send me a direct message at

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